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Hearing Protection Essex

Noise induced hearing loss is irreparable, once your hearing is damaged, it just can not be repaired. Not only does noise have the potential to affect workers in a variety of environments from food factories to steel mills, printing works, nightclubs and motorbike couriers. Noise during leisure activities like motor racing, motor biking and shooting can do just as much damage. 

Under law, hazardous noise should be removed from the workplace whenever possible. In situations where dangerous noise exposure cannot be easily controlled or eliminated, hearing protection is required. It is vital that the type of hearing protection selected be appropriate for the levels of noise experienced, that it is comfortable and worn correctly.

Unfortunately many people don't realise that noise during their leisure activities can do just as much damage. Your hearing is precious, protect it with custom hearing protection. 

Musicians / DJ Earplugs

Although there is no cure for music-induced hearing loss, it is 100% preventable. The use of modern In-Ear Monitors and Musician ear plugs is now becoming standard practice both for prevention of any hearing loss and for listening comfort. We provide small custom made musician’s earplugs and monitors with different levels of attenuation. Protecting you while still allowing you to hear the music.

Swimming Ear Plugs

Custom-made Moulded Ear Plugs for Swimmers provide the ideal solution for anyone prone to ear infections, sensitive outer ears, perforated eardrums, or anyone wearing grommets. They are designed to seal the outer ear area and help prevent water from entering the ear. They are available in a choice of colours, these snug fitting plugs minimize ingress of water into the ear canal and they float!

Electronic Shooters Ear plugs

Hearing Protection is vital for Shooters, more than any other sport, shooting has the highest probability of hearing damage. You should be careful choosing hearing protection which is both adequate and effective. Custom made to the exact shape of your ears, our protection allows you to hear environmental sounds including the gun but at a level that won’t damage your hearing.

ACS Custom Noise Protection

Hearing Protection Ear Plugs - Ear Defenders Custom Shooting Plugs

ACS specialise in high quality, custom made solutions for hearing protection, in-ear monitoring and communication. Their hearing protection ear plugs cover a wide range of users, from musicians, concert goers and clubbers to the industrial, military and motorsport sectors.

CENS Custom Noise Protection

Hearing Protection Ear Plugs - Ear Defenders Custom Shooting Plugs

CENS® (Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors) digital devices are a lightweight, unobtrusive, super-comfortable form of shooting hearing protection. These hearing protectors are a great alternative to the ageing ear muff style protectors, tested to CE EN352 requirements.


People who County Hearing Care

"Wouldn't hesitate to recommend"

May I thank you and Yvonne again, not only for your very professional help but also for the very kind manner in which you explained everything to us. Please be assured we would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone else experiencing hearing difficulty

Mrs M - Brentwood

"Delivering perfection"

Dear Mr. Halliday, I hope you will agree that there is little need for me to keep the appointment arranged for 10am on Thursday, you cannot improve on near perfection! Both aids are first class. Thank you for your patience and expertise. Also please thank the technician at Starkey who made these aids

Mr T - Brentwood

"Almost too easy!"

I have been using the services of Roger Halliday and his PA Yvonne for a good number of years and their professionalism and care has enabled me to lead a full life despite the handicap of moderate to severe hearing loss. In all my dealings with them I have felt like an exclusive private patient somewhat removed from the standard of care afforded by a well known high street audiologist

Mr MT - Corringham
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Looking For Hearing Protection in Essex?

We provide custom noise protection for both industrial and sport use at our hearing aid centre in Brentwood, Essex

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