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All About Hearing Aid Types

Hearing Aid Types & Technology Levels

Purchasing hearing aids can be a confusing process, it is hard to understand the different technology levels and types of hearing aids because of all of the techno terms. We try to make it as simple and easy as possible to understand. On this page we will talk about hearing aid technology levels and the most common and popular types. 

Hearing Aid Prices

First things first, the price of the hearing aids is normally dictated by the technology level, same as any electronics. The level of technology you choose should be relevant to your lifestyle and your budget. Our advice is that you should always buy the best ones you can afford for your lifestyle. The busier and more active you are, the higher the demand is on your hearing aids. You should always keep that in mind, this understanding will allow you to set your expectations. 

Wireless Hearing Aids

Wireless hearing aids were introduced by most of the manufacturers several years ago. They will connect to each other and to many different devices such as mobile phones, lap tops and TVs. They were truly a fantastic addition allowing hard of hearing people to connect with their wider world with ease and without fuss. 

High End Hearing Technology

High end hearing technology is the pinnacle of hearing technology, hearing aid at this level will have all of a manufacturer's latest features and innovations. This level of technology is ideal for someone who is very active, possibly still working and needs to hear clearly in every situation they find themselves in. 

Upper Mid End Hearing Technology

In the recent past most of the manufacturers have split their mid level technology into an upper and lower tier. This level of technology is generally excellent in most modern hearing devices. Many of the manufacturers retain a lot of their high end features in their upper mid end hearing technology. This means that these devices are often nearly as good as the best available, there are valid reasons why you would buy the best, however this technology level is generally outstanding. 

Lower Mid End Hearing Technology

These devices are aimed at people who aren't quite as active, however, they will still work well in smaller groups and noisy situations.  They are better than the basic technology and are designed to help you hear in slightly more challenging sound situations. This level of technology has dramatically improved over the years as have hearing aids in general.

Low End or Basic Hearing Technology

These devices are aimed at people who live relatively sedentary lifestyle, however, they will still work well in smaller groups.  They won't work well in noise, however, they will give some help. They are ideal for the listening to the TV and the radio, one to one conversations and smaller groups in quiet. Again, his level of technology has dramatically improved over the years as have hearing aids in general.

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Looking For The Best Hearing Aids in Essex

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BTE hearing aid with in ear mould

BTE (Behind The Ear) Hearing Aids

Suitable for all type of hearing loss down to profound. Fits behind the ear and transmits sound into the ear canal via acoustic tubing.

BTE hearing aid with slim tube and dome fitting

B.T.E. with slim tube and soft dome

Suitable for most types of hearing loss down to severe. Fits behind the ear and transmits sound to the eardrum via tubing.

BTE hearing aid with slim tube and dome fitting

Receiver in the canal (R.I.C.) hearing instrument

Probably the most popular style of hearing aid. The R.I.C. is very discreet, comfortable and fits a wide range of hearing losses from mild to severe.

in the canal hearing aid

In the Canal (I.T.C.) Hearing Device

ITC devices are not as discreet as the smaller custom hearing devices but they tend to have a little more power. Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. The device is fit into the ear canal

CIC hearing aid

Completely in the Canal (C.I.C.) Hearing Device

CIC devices are usually quite discreet, in the recent past they are also wireless. Suitable only for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.These small devices fit deep inside the ear canal

Invisible hearing aid

Invisible in the Canal (I.I.C.) Hearing Instrument

Invisible hearing aids are the most discreet custom devices available. They are quite popular but they are generally only suitable for people with moderate to severe hearing loss. Lately, some IICs have become wireless

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Our Hearing Device Provision Process

Your Call

When you call we will discuss your issues and explain the process. You can call us anytime to discuss your hearing, even if you don't want an appointment. We are always happy to discuss hearing loss and the solutions available. If you would like, we will make an appointment that is suitable for you to come in and see us.


Much like a prescription for glasses, the results of a hearing test are important to both making a diagnosis and treating your hearing loss. We do not take this process lightly, we use the very best equipment while ensuring that you are relaxed and comfortable. We offer a professional hearing test in an easy and  relaxed manner. 

Your Care

As an independent hearing healthcare provider, we can offer all of the best hearing aids from the the leading manufacturers. We combine the freedom to use the hearing devices that are best for you with high levels of dedicated care. This is your assurance that you will get the best hearing solution for you and the support and care you need.

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  • May I thank you and Yvonne again, not only for your very professional help but also for the very kind manner in which you explained everything to us. Please be assured we would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone else experiencing hearing difficulty

    Mrs. M.
  • Dear Mr. Halliday, I hope you will agree that there is little need for me to keep the appointment arranged for 10am on Thursday, you cannot improve on near perfection! Both aids are first class. Thank you for your patience and expertise. Also please thank the technician at Starkey who made these aids

    Mr. T.
  • I have been using the services of Roger Halliday and his PA Yvonne for a good number of years and their professionalism and care has enabled me to lead a full life despite the handicap of moderate to severe hearing loss. In all my dealings with them I have felt like an exclusive private patient somewhat removed from the standard of care afforded by a well known high street audiologist.

    Mr. MT