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Rechargeable hearing aids
28th November 2016

Rechargeable Hearing Aids From Phonak

Phonak have just launched a whole new concept for them, their first ever rechargeable hearing aids. The new Audeo B-R hearing instruments where launched recently in the UK and Ireland and are now available to order.  The Audeo Belong range is a brand new receiver in canal range which is available in the 90, 70, 50 and 30 levels of technology and has an outstanding feature set. The Belong-Rechargeable is only available in the 90, 70 and 50 range. In this article we will concentrate on the B-R.

The Audeo BR Hearing Aids

Free yourself from the hassle of changing your batteries

Audeo B-R Rechargeable hearing aids

Phonak say they have created the brand new Audéo B-R to simplify the life of people with hearing loss. For the first time, Phonak are offering them a chance to free themselves from the hassles of disposable hearing aid batteries. They have introduced a groundbreaking built-in lithium-ion battery technology that will offer 24 hours of use between charges. 

Ground Breaking Tech

Audeo B-R hearing aids in Case

Phonak rechargeable hearing aids are the very first to feature a specifically designed built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery. As we said, the battery provides 24 hours of hearing with one simple three hour charge. The new lithium-ion design has 40% more power than conventional rechargeable batteries, it is reliable and capable of supporting the superior technology and performance of Phonak hearing aids.

Designed to suit you

Quick charging and long lasting, in fact three hours of charging will give you 24 hours uninterrupted listening. With its easy to use case, optional stand alone power pack and small desk top charger, the Audeo B-R is designed with the user in mind. 


Outstanding Hearing Aids

These really are outstanding hearing aids designed to deliver better hearing across even the most difficult hearing situations. If you have any questions or you would liek to see the Audeo B-R in action, don't hesitate to contact us on 012777 264938 or book your appointment online now. 

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Roger decided to make audiology his career as his Mother’s hereditary hearing loss had been dramatically improved after a private consultation and successful fitting of hearing aids. It literally changed her life. Roger, whose background was in engineering thought that it would be the most rewarding profession he could train for

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Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss
  • May I thank you and Yvonne again, not only for your very professional help but also for the very kind manner in which you explained everything to us. Please be assured we would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone else experiencing hearing difficulty

    Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss
  • Dear Mr. Halliday, I hope you will agree that there is little need for me to keep the appointment arranged for 10am on Thursday, you cannot improve on near perfection! Both aids are first class. Thank you for your patience and expertise. Also please thank the technician at Starkey who made these aids

    Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss
  • I have been using the services of Roger Halliday and his PA Yvonne for a good number of years and their professionalism and care has enabled me to lead a full life despite the handicap of moderate to severe hearing loss. In all my dealings with them I have felt like an exclusive private patient somewhat removed from the standard of care afforded by a well known high street audiologist.

    Hearing Aids Hearing aids supplied and fitted to patient's individual hearing loss
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